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Benefits of Reflexology

I cannot recommend reflexology enough. Having personally transformed how I feel and think about things since having regular treatments myself. And I have seen my clients lives change for the better from regular treatments. Reduces Stress and induces a state of Deep Relaxation Reflexology Improves Circulation It Cleanses the body & removes Toxins and impurities It the balances the Whole System Reflexology revitalizes Energy It Stimulates Creativity & Productivity It nurtures relationships and rewards the practitioner also It is used as prevantative Health care

Self Care Tips

1 - If it feels wrong, Dont do it 2 - Say exactly what you mean 3 - Dont be a people pleaser 4 - Trust your instincts 5 - Never speak bad about yourself 6 - Never give up on your dreams 7 - Dont be afraid to say no or yes 8 - Let go of what you cant control 9 - Be kind to yourself 10 - Stay away from drama & negativity 90


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