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My first Blog

Hi Guys - My first blog post on my website!!! This website has been blood sweat and tears , I have created it myself and its not perfect - But I want something that reflects me and my personality!! So anyway ...welcome to my blog!! So hello if you are new to my website or me , a little about me, Im Grainne Hughes and after spending the last 14 years in IT recruitment a very stressful work environment and burning the candle at both ends, I decided to take a leap of faith and re-train in Reflexology, This is an absolute passion of mine as my passion is helping people. I have found reflexology to be amazing at balancing hormones, eliminating PMS symptoms, regulating menstrual cycle, reducing stress and anxiety and giving an overall sense of calm & wellbeing. I am on a constant journey of learning with reflexology as there are so many techniques I will be a student for life :) Ive recently started my Reproreflexology Journey assisting clients with Reproductive issues through Reflexology ( treating symptoms of PCOS and Endometriosis - the aim of this type of reflexology is to correct any cycle irregularities , treat any symptoms and gently bring the body back into balance. Please reach out to me if you ever have any questions of would like to know if Reflexology is for you -


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