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Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed with life? At the Relaxation Hub we offer wellness services such as Reflexology, Holistic Facials & Make up application (Natural & Skincare Review) We also offer Self-Care Workshops.  

The Relaxation Hub was set up by Grainne Hughes who has a passion for helping women to overcome stress and burnout and to help them to bring balance and harmony to their lives. 

Grainne's personal Journey of Self Care started after going through major burnout following the birth of her first child and an Auto-immune disease diagnosis. After many years of a hectic work schedule and burning the candle at both ends something had to give!  Grainne understands the stresses and strains of modern life and is dedicated to helping others achieve this balance and sense of well-being. 


The Relaxation Hub

What is the relaxation hub?

I understand what its like to be a busy working woman trying to juggle it all.   Relaxation, Downtime & Balance are something we all need.  As women we naturally tend to put ourselves last on the list of priorities.  And through suffering from burnout myself , I decided to create a place where women could come and have some down-time to relax and unwind and put themselves first for a change.

And this is how the Relaxation Hub was born. 

I have created a place of relaxation , tranquility & support for women. 

I am passionate about the benefits that Reflexology can bring in terms of managing stress , balancing hormones, calming the mind & nervous system, increasing circulation & energy. 

Clients report feeling surges of energy or can report improvements in sleep patterns.  Reflexology is also great for eliminating toxins from the body.  For me personally I experienced great relief from PMS symptoms. 

**Please note we require 24 hours notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment  - Fees may be incurred if you give less than 24 hours notice ** 



Stress Reduction 

Increased energy 

Balances Hormones

Calms Nervous System 

Toxin Elimination 

Promotes Deep Relaxation

Reflexology is a great stress reliever bringing harmony to the body as a whole.  It revitalizes energy, Improves circulation, removes toxins from the body and is used as preventative health care.
Reflexology is not a massage and we do not diagnose illnesses.  It is a complementary therapy to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. The body systems are mapped in the feet and the therapist works with dedication and focused intention to help the body heal itself.

Self Care Workshops

Service Subitle

Taking good care of yourself is essential for maintaining busy lives and staying happy and healthy. Come to our interactive self care workshops where you will learn to spot the common warning signs that you are being overtaxed by stress, as well as practical strategies to incorporate self-care for all areas of well-being into your daily routine on any schedule. We hope this workshop will be helpful in starting new habits and strengthening old ones for self rejuvenation so that you can continue to strive for success and balance in your personal and professional lives.

Holistic Facial & Skincare Advice

Improved Complexion & Skin Tone


Facial & Neck Massage


Tailored approach to suit your needs

Our Holistic Facials use only the best Organic Neals Yard products which are toxin and paraben free.  A skin analysis will determine your skin type and type of facial you require. Enjoy deep relaxation while your skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated and you will enjoy a mask suitable to your skin type, finished with a beautiful moisturiser. You will leave Glowing & Revitallized.

Reproductive Reflexology

Natural Fertility & Supports Assisted Conception

ReproReflexology is an advanced and specialized form of Reflexology.  I work with my clients looking at both Male & female Fertility issues.  We discuss nutrition & lifestyle.  We also look at any issues and try to resolve the symptoms through bringing the body back into Balance.

Deluxe Facial

Lymphatic Drainage & Cupping

This is an upgraded facial experience. Using holistic skincare and lymphatic drainage techniques using massage and facial cupping techniques.


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