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Fertility Reflexology

More & more we are seeing couples coming to clinic struggling with Fertility issues, Stress has been proven to be a big factor in this, and by working to reduce stress levels and balance hormones naturally through regular Fertility Reflexology (Also known as Reproflexology) we have seen great outcomes for natural conceptions.  Reflexology works in a number of ways to enhance your natural fertility, and is much more cost effective than assisted conception methods.  However I have been trained by the Amazing Barbara Scott ( Seren Natural Fertility) and I support a lot of clients going through assisted conception methods such as IVF /ICSI.  

Fertility reflexology is designed to help couples who are going through fertility issues or experiencing difficulty in conceiving a baby.

Regular reflexology treatment can help couples who are actively trying to conceive. Reflexology is a holistic treatment that addresses the physical and mental causes of infertility, from irregular menstrual cycles and existing medical conditions to stress and emotional issues.

This really is an amazing treatment that I’m delighted to offer. If you’d like to find out more about this natural fertility treatment, please email. -

Is it just for women?

Although more commonly used by women, men can also be treated with fertility reflexology. It is recommended that both partners undergo fertility testing prior to starting treatment (And sharing results with me so we can plan treatments effectively) Ideally both partners would attend but its not mandatory and we can work with just one.  

How many fertility treatments will I need?

Regular treatments throughout your menstrual cycle are recommended. This promotes the right conditions to support and develop a healthy egg through to ovulation, aids implantation, and will help support a possible pregnancy. It takes around 3 months for an egg to mature & the same for sperm to mature, and I have seen best results when someone comes for regular treatment over a 3 month period - I have had people conceive naturally after failed IVF attempts once the body was balanced and harmony was restored.  

What’s involved?

We’ll start by discussing your medical and gynaecological history and any previous pregnancy experiences. I’ll ask about your lifestyle, diet, sleep patterns, energy and fitness levels. Ideally, this first appointment will be with both partners.  - The first session takes about 75 mins (30 mins chat / 45 mins treatment) 

Once we’ve established that fertility Reflexology is a good fit for you, we can book your course of reflexology treatment.  I like to see female fertility clients twice before ovulation, with weekly treatments thereafter. At every appointment, I will ask how you and your partner are feeling and where you are in your menstrual cycle. If you have private health insurance and reflexology is covered you can claim back a portion of the cost of each treatment.  


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