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More about Reflexology

Reflexology is the application of pressure to points on the feet known as reflexes , in order to release tension and promote balance in the body systems.  These reflexes have been shown to correspond to the organs and systems of the body.  We use specific sequences to release tension and promote deep relaxation. 

During the treatment the therapist only uses fingers and thumbs to apply pressure, and the overall purpose is to provide deep relaxation for the body and mind in a caring and supportive environment.  

Reflexology is an effective therapy in maintaining balance in the body systems, providing pain relief for ailments as well as cancer patients and during pregnancy.  Many Clients look for reflexology treatments to improve sleep quality, reduce pain, manage stress and anxiety, balance hormones and create the optimum environment for fertility. 


As I am a member of the National Register of Reflexologists you may be eligible to claim part of the cost of your treatment back from your health insurer.  

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