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Client Testimonials

What our clients say .....

With all this lockdown misery, I highly recommend that you cheer yourself up with the next best thing to getting a hands-on reflexology treatment from Grainne and sign up for one of her virtual sessions. I recently had a zoom hour of 1-2-1 pampering during lunchtime which was both relaxing and revitalizing. She sent some sachets of nice potions in the post beforehand and was able to talk me through the facial pressure points and how to really chill out. We all deserve whatever pampering we can get these days. Go for it. - Jackie , Feb 21

Grainne gives the most amazing facials, I was so relaxed as soon as the treatment began, and the results were great.  She's also a fantastic reflexology therapist.  I get so much from our sessions its really helped with my anxiety levels and focus generally, A Little self care is so important - Katie. 

Having a course of reflexology after giving birth to my second little one, Grainne managed on a weekly basis to help me recover in a natural and relaxing way.  Feeling the difference over the full course has been phenomenal  - Thank you so much!  I would highly recommend her to anyone needing to feel like they need to recharge and feel like themselves again - Clair  

I received reflexology from Grainne recently and absolutely loved it, I felt completely relaxed and slept so well afterwards , I would highly recommend reflexology from this lovely lady - Teresa

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