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Welcome to The Relaxation Hub

Focused on your wellness

At The Relaxation Hub, I aim to provide quality and comprehensive holistic health and wellness services in order to help you reach an overall state of well-being in both body and mind. 

As a member of the NRRI (National Register Of Reflexologists) my reflexology treatment costs could be covered by your Health insurer.


  • Health insurers offer a variety of packages so please check with them to see if you are covered.  

  • Health insurers will cover the cost of your reflexology treatment once your therapist is a registered member of a professional body.

  •  As a member of of the National Register of Reflexologist in Ireland (NRRI) and am bound by a code of professional ethics and have to continuously complete CPD courses to improve my skills. 

About Reflexology

Reflexology aims to calm the nervous system and allows the body's natural healing ability to kick in.  If we are under constant stress our bodies "fight or flight mode" is activated, in reflexology we work on the parasympathetic nervous system to bring the body back into "Rest & Digest mode" .  

In Reflexology the body organs are mapped onto the feet and we work on "reflex" points to stimulate the whole body and work on any imbalances or blockages of energy in the body.

Reflexology is holistic meaning we look at the whole person (Mind, Body & Spirit) and we do not treat conditions in isolation.  It is a complementary therapy to be used alongside conventional medicine and not in place of.  

Reflexology is suitable for everyone from babies to the elderly, and can easily be brought to your work or home.

Treatments are relaxing, gentle & non invasive and only require the removal of socks. 

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